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Share Certificate(s)

Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate in case of loss/misplacement of original share certificate
Shareholders who have lost/misplaced share certificate(s) should inform the Company’s RTA, immediately about loss of share certificate(s), quoting their folio number and details of share certificate(s), if available. The RTA shall immediately mark a copy ‘stop transfer’ on the folio to prevent any further transfer of shares covered by the lost share certificate(s). It is recommended that the shareholders should lodge a FIR with the police regarding loss of share certificate(s). They should send their request for duplicate share certificate(s) to the Company’s RTA. Documents required to be submitted along with the application include Indemnity Bond, Affidavit and copy of FIR.

In case a shareholder finds the original share certificate(s) after receipt of duplicate share certificate(s), he/she is requested to surrender the original share certificate(s), for cancellation, to the Company’s RTA immediately, if the duplicate share certificate(s) has/have been issued to him/her. Further, as the shareholder has been issued duplicate share certificate(s), he/she would be liable to indemnify any innocent third party(ies) purchasing the original share certificate(s), directly/indirectly, with or without the knowledge of the original shareholder, as it tantamounts to passing of adverse title.

Sub-division /splitting of Share Certificate(s)
Those shareholders, who desire to subdivide/split the share certificate(s), may write to the Company’s RTA enclosing the original share certificate(s) for splitting into smaller lots. The duly subdivided share certificates will be sent by the Company’s RTA to the shareholders at their registered address.

Consolidation of Share Certificates
Consolidation of share certificates helps in saving costs in the event of dematerializing shares and also provides convenience in holding the shares physically. Shareholders having various denominations under the same folio should send all the certificates to Company’s RTA for consolidation of all the shares into a single certificate.